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Mount Pleasant Junior School

DGCL won the tender to complete the clock tower at Mount Pleasant School

Mount Pleasant School had scaffolding around it’s clock tower to stop any debris falling into the school for 2.5 years prior to DGCL being appointed to complete the Clock Tower works.  When DGCL won the contract to fix the clock tower, time was of the essence (pun not intended!). The project involved replacing the wooden bell house on top of the clock and repairing the clock faces and the clock surrounds prior to the school returning after the Summer break.

DGCL’s brief also involved putting up fencing all around the school perimeter to prevent undesirable access and the completion of some tarmac works.

The clock was repaired to tell the correct time on all 4 faces and the bricks were repointed and the limestone clock surrounds were replaced.

The project was challenging as the road had to be closed outside of the school for the crane to lift the brand new wooden top piece into place.

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